Struggling as an autistic person - Autism can suck!

Autism can suck!

When you read information from adult autistic people, they often only talk about all the positives of autism – and there is a reason for

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Struggling as an autistic person - Self-harm


What is Self-Harm? Self-harm is when you cause harm to yourself on purpose. There are many different reasons why someone might self-harm, but often it

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Struggling as an autistic person - Medication


Autism does not require any medication: it’s just a difference and not something to cure. “I don’t suffer from autism, I suffer from idiots” Times

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Autism - Social Stuff - Bullying


“Bullying is when one person or a group of people deliberately hurt another person, more than once, and it’s hard for the person on the

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Autism and Sleep

Autism and Sleep

The magic formula for sleep is high levels of melatonin and low levels of stress. When it gets dark, our brains produce melatonin. This then

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Autism - Health & Wellbeing - Period & PMDD

Periods and PMDD

You’ve probably heard of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), but have you ever heard of PMDD? (If you haven’t heard of PMS we recommend reading this book)

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Autism Co-occurring Conditions - Depression


Everybody has days where they feel sad or fed-up; it is normal for our moods to change according to what is happening in our lives.

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Autism Co-occurring Conditions - Trauma


We all have bad experiences at times, and usually we can move on from these experiences sometimes with a bit of help from others, for example by talking about what happened or finding a way to make ourselves feel safe again.

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Struggling as an autistic person - Autistic Burnout

Autistic Burnout

Autistic burnout is an incredibly difficult experience where your brain is in overdrive and you always feel stressed.

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