Autistic differences
There are four key areas in which autistic people are different from non-autistic people.
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Logical Processing

We like to understand things and work things out for ourselves. We may be "pattern thinkers", great at problem solving and have a need to understand "why" things are the way they are or how things work.

Sensory Differences

We may have differences in how we experience our senses (which includes our emotions).

Executive Functioning Differences

The parts of our brain that help us focus, plan, prioritise and self regulate work differently to non autistic people. This includes being able to focus on things we are interested in for a long time, but struggling to do things we are less interested in.

Spiky Profiles

We have unique strengths, but unique difficulties too, so we are rarely "average" . . . Focusing our strengths is really important for us.

Because of these differences, there are two more things we see, which are really important to talk about:

Lack of understanding from society

Because people can't see our brains are wired differently, autistic people are often misunderstood. This is so common in autistic people, that we feel we need to talk about it.

Autistic Culture

We have our own ways of "being" that are different from non autistic people, as a result of our shared autistic differences.

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