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How does the social world work for us?

Autism - Social Stuff - Relationships

Autism & Relationships

For the purpose of this page, “relationship” means the kind you might call “romantic”, rather than with friends, family etc. What is a Relationship? Relationships

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Autism - Social Stuff - Friendships


What is a Friendship? A friendship is a relationship, or special connection, between two or more people who like each other and enjoy spending time

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Autism - Social Stuff - Bullying


“Bullying is when one person or a group of people deliberately hurt another person, more than once, and it’s hard for the person on the

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Autism - Social Stuff - Double empathy

Double Empathy

The double empathy problem is a theory that explains the difficulties autistic people face when socialising with non-autistic people. It’s sometimes said that all autistic

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Special Interests

Special Interests

Some autistic people don’t like the term ‘special’ because it feels patronising, so intense or deep interests may be a more accurate way to explain

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