Being Sensory Smart - Autistic Differences

Being Sensory Smart

Once you have started to notice your own sensory differences and preferences, you can then start to experiment with ways to balance and juggle them

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Sensory Differences - Alexithymia - Autistic Differences


What is alexithymia? Alexithymia is a Greek word that literally translates as “no words for feelings”, and means difficulty with understanding and/or describing your feelings

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Sensory Differences - Internal Senses - Autistic Differences

Sensory – Internal Senses

Autistic people often have lower sensitivity OR higher sensitivity with their internal senses. It is common for the levels of sensitivity to change according to

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Struggling as an autistic person - Autism can suck!

Autism can suck!

When you read information from adult autistic people, they often only talk about all the positives of autism – and there is a reason for

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Autism - Health & Wellbeing - Window of Tolerance

Window of Tolerance

Everyone in the world becomes angry, worried, or stressed at some point and when this happens, we can struggle to control our senses, emotions and

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Struggling as an autistic person - Self-harm


What is Self-Harm? Self-harm is when you cause harm to yourself on purpose. There are many different reasons why someone might self-harm, but often it

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Autism - Health & Wellbeing - Managing your brain's energy

Managing your brain’s energy

Research shows that autistic people’s brains tend to have higher processing power than non-autistic brains, but this may not always show as we often have

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Struggling as an autistic person - Medication


Autism does not require any medication: it’s just a difference and not something to cure. “I don’t suffer from autism, I suffer from idiots” Times

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Autism - Social Stuff - Bullying


“Bullying is when one person or a group of people deliberately hurt another person, more than once, and it’s hard for the person on the

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