So what if I can’t cope in The Supermarket?

Let’s be real, shops are the definition of autistic hell! Here’s a poem describing my experiences:

Loud music
Loud beeps
Loud talking

People who stand too close
People who smell bad
People who talk nonsense
Their small talk drives me mad 

You get blinded by abnormally bright lights
And the reflection off walls that are bright white

Shouty parents
Children crying 
It’s so overwhelming
You feel like dying!

People expect you to find it easy to go shopping, because they don’t realise how blooming awful supermarkets can be for us. Then when it’s hard you might start to think:

      • “Why can’t I find it easy?”

      • “What is wrong with me?”

      • “If I can’t cope with this how will I ever be able to do anything?”

    But it’s not your fault supermarkets suck. And you aren’t alone, most autistic people find going to supermarkets hard.
    Luckily, we don’t even need to go to supermarkets – online shopping exists.

    By andy smith, founder of spectrum gaming

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